Children for Change is our contribution to the future generations of our country.

It is a program aimed at building a better future for our nation, by creating and spreading awareness on basic health and hygiene issues.

We believe that when you educate a child, you educate a nation. Children are great influencers of society. By teaching and encouraging children to follow proper health and hygiene practices, we’re trying to create a ripple effect whereby these children will pass on the information to their families, friends and others, who will carry it forward to future generations.


To positively impact the lives of 1 million children in India.


To build a better future for our nation by shaping the minds of future generations through awareness and education.

  1. Poor hand washing habits can cause diarrhoea, which is the second biggest cause of death in children under five years.
  2. According to the Public Health Association, only 53% of the population wash their hands with soap after defecation, 38% wash their hands with soap before eating and only 30% wash their hands with soap before preparing food.
  3. Only 11% of the Indian rural families dispose of children’s stools safely. 80% of children’s stools are left in the open or thrown into the garbage.
  4. Hand washing with soap, particularly after contact with excreta, can reduce diarrhoeal diseases by over 40% and respiratory infections by 30%.
  5. Source: Unicef India

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